Get the Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls at Nearby Farmers Markets Today – Tillie's Tafel
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Get the Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls at Nearby Farmers Markets Today

Spring is here in Petoskey, and soon spring will lead into summer. This means farmers market season is here, too! Who doesn't love fresh, organic vegetables grown with TLC to enjoy all summer long? Tillie's Tafel offers the best homemade cinnamon rolls that have been perfected over 100 years. We love attending farmers markets and offering our soft gooey cinnamon rolls for you to enjoy. Learn where we'll be this summer below, and stop by our coffee and bakery shop today!

Wednesday - Boyne City Farmers Market

We are delighted to bring our best cinnamon rolls to Boyne City Farmers Market on Wednesdays. Our cinnamon rolls can be eaten while you shop at the rest of the market. Simply ask us to cut them for you, or tear off little bites as you walk.

Thursday — Charlevoix Farmers Market

If you need some energy while you are shopping at the Charlevoix Farmers Market, purchase our soft cinnamon rolls from Tillie's Tafel. Coming with an abundance of icing, you'll love the fresh cinnamon taste and soft texture.

Friday — Petoskey Farmers Market

Petoskey Farmers Market begins early, and to get the best selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, it's wise to get there early, too! What makes one of the best breakfasts while you are shopping at the farmers market is a homemade cinnamon roll. Freshly made, you'll love how our big cinnamon rolls melt in your mouth. Stop by today.

Saturday — Boyne City Farmers Market

Supporting local farmers and businesses is crucial to help small businesses stay in business and support the local economy. Plus, you know exactly where your food came from. Tillie's Tafel is a local business that will be at Boyne City Farmers Market on Saturdays. Stop by our booth, and enjoy our homemade cinnamon rolls today.


Nourish yourself with local produce at the above farmers markets, support local businesses, and help keep local economies strong. Tillie's Tafel is proud to offer our sticky cinnamon rolls to our neighbors and make a difference in our community. Enjoy the season, and purchase a cinnamon roll from us today!